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Greetings I come in Pieces (or: My new Writing Blog)

by michael in Updates, Writing

Lorem Ipsum and all that jazz.  Welcome to my new blog.

I’m creating this new blog because…well because you’ve got to have a blog these days.  You especially need a blog if you’re trying to write, apparently.  I had a blog before, but unfortunately I tried to be tricky and get really cheap VPS hosting.  Well, we can see how that worked out.  Let this be a reminder to you kids: backup your work!

I don’t mind so much though.  When my blog went down and all files were lost, I was upset, sure.  But then I figured it was probably a good excuse for a clean break and a fresh start.

So here’s where I tell you about myself: I’m a mild-mannered computer programmer by day–actually, that’s only the most recent in a string of jobs that also encompasses photographer, tour manager, truck driver, sales and marketing.  Within the last couple of years, I’ve started working on my writing again, bringing me finally back to my scriptwriting degree I got in college.

I’m currently working on finishing my first novel.  I’ve got several short stories written, though I’m not quite ready to do anything with all of those yet.  When I’m finished…well that’s a question that needs an answer still.  There’s a lot more paths open these days for a writer than just a few years ago.  There’s the ‘traditional’ route, with an agent and a publisher and all of that song and dance.  Or there’s self-publishing which has become more feasible and more respectable.  I don’t have the answers right now.  It’s like then ending of a book in progress.  I’ll just be learning as I go along.

Also on this blog you may expect to see plenty of ramblings and digressions.  Fountain pens and typewriters and writing paraphernalia.  And some technology related rantings as well.  Though those should be few as I’m thinking I will give those their own blog to run and frolic through.

Primarily, this will be my writing blog.  To talk about my travails and adventures and mania and despair, all while trying to figure out the hows and whys of being a writer.